Don’t Simply Retire.
Have Something to Retire to.

Your retirement will cost you an average of 6 times more than your house. Most people use financing to live in a better house, so why aren’t you using financing to help you fund a better retirement?

The success of your retirement depends on the amount you save, not on your rate of return. A unique cash accumulating life insurance policy using leverage offers an opportunity to earn interest and eliminate the risk of market declines, while providing you and your family protection. The policy secures the loan, providing you the potential for an additional 60-100% more for your retirement without the typical risks associated with leverage.

Why using leverage is smart.

We have all used leverage to purchase a nicer house or to buy a better car. Kai-Zen® uses leverage for the potential to accumulate more growth & obtain more protection, while providing the ability to maintain your current standard of living. That’s the smart way to use leverage.

  • Potential for more accumulation.
  • Maintain current lifestyle.
  • More protection for you and your family.
  • Diversify your assets.

Kai-Zen® is different!

Kai-Zen® is the only strategy that provides you the opportunity to add up to 3 times more money to fund a cash accumulating life insurance policy. Your contribution and the policy provide the security needed to obtain the loan and your participation is easy. Simply create an account, estimate your short 5-year annual contribution amount, and let Kai-Zen® leverage do the rest.

Kai-Zen® was designed to minimize expenses and maximize your potential for accumulation. We then combined it with leverage to provide you the potential for 60-100% more:*

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*The Kai-Zen® Strategy is dependent on the client making contributions for the first 5 years therefore not defaulting on the policy, which could result in policy lapse and surrender charges. The client will not have access to the policy, the cash values, the death benefits or the living benefits until the loan is repaid and the assignment is released. The lender has the right to discontinue funding new premiums, exit the market, or to demand loan repayment based on the terms and conditions signed by the Master Trust. See the Master Trust documents for additional information. There are some exceptions to this rule. Please consult a tax professional for advice concerning your individual situation.